I have nothing to hide, but maybe some people do

I’ve always had a problem with my mouth. Sometimes I cannot help myself but to mention my controversial opinions. But I mean this has side effects and in all honesty it’s never good to be the one who is the straight talker. With some issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and radical Islam, I was afraid if I blogged about them that their was a potential for me to end up being harmed. I installed some software called Tor because I had wanted another layer of anonymity if I ever started blogging about things I didn’t want my name associated with. But I’ve gone through a change and now I really am not afraid anymore about what I say on the internet, so long as I’m reasonable. Tor will be uninstalled in the next few days(it hasn’t been used much anyway).

So that’s it,  I have nothing to hide. But lets start talking about those that do because I started my blog to protect them.

There are many things people can hide and almost all of these secrets are not illegal (to clarify I am not in favor of those hiding the illegal things, they deserve on every level to be outed) , yet if they were to be revealed they would ruin someones life. Over the last ten years we have come to live a surveillance state that gives the government unprecedented views  into our lives but the same government has fought as hard as it could to prevent transparency into it’s workings. We prosecute Wikileaks but still no one has any idea the full extent of the CIA’s infiltration into our lives. I hope to get more in depth about what governments and others are doing to kill our privacy that would outrage you.

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