A Website Recommendation

If your into video games I strongly recommend you check the Humble Bundle Games sight out. The site offers bundles of indie video games that go for the price you choose to pay. Right now the current bundle offers five games (Cogs, VVVVVV, And Yet it Moves, Hammerfight, Steel Storm, and Crayon Physics Deluxe) and if you pay more than the average donation amount you get 5 more games (all of which are well regarded by critics). The value for these games is great and you can choose where to give your donation; whether that be charity or starving game developers. The site has done very well so far; it made more than 1 million dollars yesterday(August 3rd). Right now I have installed only one of the 11 games I got with the pack for a donation of $10 which I spread between the two charities. I will give very short reviews of the games as I go through them. The price of the average donation is increasing and will soon be more than the $5.36 it currently is. Act fast to get the additional 5 games for a reasonable price.

Here’s the breakdown of the average donations by operating system:

Mac $7.13

Windows $4.41

Linux $11.77

So from the numbers you can see windows users are very thrifty which makes sense because windows users are notorious for illegally torrenting games. I’d imagine Mac users are more willing to pay a premium because they tend to be willing to spend more money than the average PC user.

Now the most interesting is Linux which happens to spend out both systems by a large margin. I’d imagine Linux users, a large group of them being developers themselves, sympathize with what Humble Bundle is doing and are showing approval through their wallet.

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