Osmos is not a bad game, it’s just not a particularly fun one once it starts getting difficult. In the game you play a 2d bubble (or something like that) that tries to absorb other bubbles to become bigger, if you run into a bubble that is smaller than you it is absorbed and you become bigger, if you run into a bubble that is bigger than you; game over. It’s not a new concept and it has been done many times before but I’ve found myself to enjoy Osmos less than similar games. Because every time your bubble moves it loses some mass, you have to be very strategic with your movements. This turns Osmos into a sort of real time puzzle game, where you are trying to gather smaller bubbles as efficiently as possible. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that this game requires so much strategy, but it’s not particularly fun either. If you like being timed solving crossword puzzles, well maybe you will enjoy this game.

There are three modes to this game, one is simply dedicated to collecting bubbles, another mode you face off against multiple opponents. The other mode involves navigating around an orbital path of something involving a star, this mode is pretty loopy but wasn’t particularly enjoyable. The graphics on this game are very pretty and you have to appreciate the production values.


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