And Yet It Moves Review

And Yet It Moves is a platformer/puzzle game based on the concept of allowing a character to rotate the play screen in 90 degree increments, allowing the player to get through levels that could not be approached otherwise. The gimmick could have gotten old quick but luckily the creators mixed up the play with other game mechanics to keep the game fresh throughout the couple hours it takes to complete it.The emphasis of the game is on the rotation of the play screen, the idea works better than one would think. Well timed rotations are required to successfully complete the level. Sometimes rotation is required to move objects around the world, I fondly remember having to herd a giant horned guinea pig around the map, trying not to be slaughtered by it. The game was done on a shoestring budget and it’s minimalist art style is tribute to this. It’s quirky the aesthetic that comes off quite well, the environments are all done consistent to the theme.

Beneath all the veneer it’s a generic platformer but one with a lot of charm, I don’t recall any wow moments but I never remember any moments where I disagreed with how the developers have done the game.

Rating: A bowl of ice cream without a cherry

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