5 Lessons From Skyrim

  1. Money talks: Skyrim is a massive world with hours of dungeons to explore so it is most telling that my character has become little better than a accountant who occasionally kills monsters as a hobby. Most of my time has been spent shuffling from shop to shop trying to make money
  2. Dungeons are scary: For what is a three dimensional dungeon crawler my character avoids dungeons like the plague. They seem to make him scared, perhaps he will never emerge from one of these dungeons, only to be found years later by a wandering skeleton to have his body defiled in the worst ways possible.
  3. Polytheism is stupid: its Johnny god of the unseen and unknown. *Yawn*. Like ancient Greece there’s a god for every stupid thing you can think of. Theology in real life is boring enough already.
  4. Routine is king: I have four places that I go regularly, these places make me money. I dare not go anywhere else because that’s exploring which sounds dangerous.
  5. Diplomacy is for suckers: Sorry bandits, if given the choice between avoiding you and bludgeoning you into eternal sleep to steal all your goodies, well you know which one I will pick. Really I feel guilty about it though.
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