A Partial Solution Toronto Transit

The Toronto transit system is glaringly deficient. The size of the transit system is far to small for such a great size of area, it is underfunded and is very poor in terms reliability. Toronto being very much a car city and now under the control of a car loving mayor, transit is undervalue. Cars are the focus which is also ironic for a city preoccupied by the prospect of increasing traffic. In short it is a clusterfuck. Some proposed projects have been initiated too try and deal with the cities transit infrastructure. Transit city seemed to be an adequate solution until it was cancelled by Rob Ford. More and more it seems like any new infrastructure projects will resemble Transit City, the irrational opposition the mayor being the major thing to overcome.

Making Toronto cyclist friendly would also help ease the traffic and burden on the cities roads but it seems unlikely in Toronto. The GTA/905 region loves there cars and any solution to making Toronto more bicycle friendly would come at the cost of road space, something that would not be allowed. Don Cherry was ridiculed for saying he was “wearing pinko for all the pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything” but that comment captures the sentiment of a large piece of Toronto. It’s unfortunate and municipal politics at it’s most irrational stupid but it’s a known fact that drivers do not like bikers. Some of this is certainly from bad behavior of cyclists, but I would imagine most of it comes from anxiety of having to share the road with bikes. They do behave a bit differently then cars and the best solution would be a separated bike and car lanes. But of course this takes up even more road space, which is disliked by drivers.

In ten years Toronto will probably have a much better transit system, but the byciclist will find his routes to work even worse to travel than in 2012.

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