I Guess We’ve Lost

In laughable contempt to the spirit of democracy and fair play the entertainment industry has spent the year trying to pass legislation intended to censor the internet and freedom of speech. It is hard to understand what is going on in the heads of these people, so that they have so little regard for anything beyond their own economic interests. Hollywood and the recording industry have been trying to pass laws in Canada very similar to American laws. The current copy-right bill B-13 which may be passed sometime this year, would make it more difficult for Canadians to access material they have purchased in the ways they want. ACTA which has recently been passed by the EU and signed by Canada will create a international consensus to enforce draconian policies that have almost certainly been written by the lobbying industry. Then the EU is putting on pressure for Canadian to extend the copyright terms to 70 years.

No one asked for these measures, most people are happy with the current situation that strikes a balance between fair use and protection. But the politicians have obviously been bought and paid for. In the next few month’s Canada will be invariably dragged down by unfair laws that will take decades to get rid of, if they disappear at all. The lobbyists have won the battle and they will probably win the next few. I hope they are happy with themselves.

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