Made In America Laws

The Canadian copyright bill has distinctly American origins. Unlike most other bills that emerge as a result of genuine concern this one is mostly the result of intense lobbying by the American Government and the intellectual property industry. The released American Cables give insight into this political process showing the pressure of American Government has applied on Canada to implement reforms that it views in line with it’s economic interests. During private discussions between the former Minister of Industry Maxime Bernier and the then American Ambassador to Canada, Bernier was told that copyright enforcement was the most important issue to the American’s economic interest in Canada. Other cables discuss moving Canada to the top of the Special 301 Priority Watch List that lists countries that offend intellectual copyright laws. This list has widely been known as an American Political tool to try and force countries in conformance with it’s views. Canada has topped China and Russia on the latest list, an almost hard to believe accomplishment considering the scale of counterfeit in those two countries.
It is almost without a doubt that the continued persistence of C-11’s draconian DRM provisions exist for the purpose of appealing to the American government which has in turn been lobbied by the entertainment industry. In the cables the conservative government mentions that any update of Canada’s copyright laws would assist in the updating of laws that would enforce intellectual property rights. C-11 is viewed by both governments as just a partial solution to the protection of intellectual property.

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