Dear Diary, February 8th, 2013

Winter makes my body attack itself, and my general reaction to anything I don’t like is sleep, so I’ve been sleeping more than usual. I don’t mind winter the concept, but cold kills me and snow is cold water that hasn’t melted yet. My walking stops and I eat and get fat indoors. Being born into Canada was probably the worst decisions ever made for me.  Last night we went to an interview of Fran Lebowitz at Massey hall in a terrible snow storm. It had already piled up a foot on the ground when we had left and are less than stellar GM van almost got stuck in the snow a few times. Fran Lebowitz is a New York writer that hasn’t written for about thirty years, but has lingered around due to her sheer wit. She’s mostly a social commentator now, illuminating but so incredibly opinionated. I’ve been digging up all of her old material that I can find, between studying for my two exams which I’m not really studying for.

My mom’s bothering me about getting an economics co-op next year. Being unemployed always seems to coincide with the time you have the least money available. I’ve sent out about 50 resumes, but employers seem less enthusiastic about my three month’s experience I had volunteering at summer camp. It’s difficult knowing what needs to be done and having no means to do it.  Everyone wants the same things, at the same time. Everyone wants money, no one wants to give it. Everyone wants jobs, no one wants to give jobs.

Valentines Day is upcoming and it bums me out beyond anything. Can we not have a holiday for strictly platonic love? I have not yet attained that either, but I think it’s slightly more achievable than romance. I do know that I’m spending it in a bar, which is pretty awesome actually. Last year I got myself two cupcakes at Second Cup and the Barista asked me if she could write a message to my partner on the box they came in, I politely declined(my mom enjoyed the other cupcake).

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